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A family owned independent financial services group based in the winelands

Although we offer stand-alone solutions for all key financial disciplines, our main strength lies in our expertise to tailor these results into unique outcomes depending on our clients’ needs. This personal and unconventional approach has earned Finmar the reputation of a single point of contact enabling our clients on the road to financial freedom.

Welcome to Finmar

Finmar has a rich history and is well established in the financial services industry. It was founded in 1989 and we still abide by the same principles of business that applied then. Our clients come first and we are here to serve.

Finmar started off as an insurance brokerage offering insurance solutions to individuals and small to medium businesses. Our business has evolved over the years and today we offer a one-stop solution for all our clients’ needs. We have formed strategic partnerships with hand-picked service providers to enable us to offer a holistic financial solution including all aspects of investments and insurance. This include both listed onshore and offshore investments as well as a special focus on property in all markets.

We also do business structuring and have enlisted able industry experts to facilitate the best solution for your financial and business needs.

Our Vision for you

Every day we are challenging ourselves to pursue better options in every aspect of financial planning for our clients. The basis of our business is grounded in searching for the best alternatives, investment opportunities as well as covering all aspects of risk management for you.

Finmar Financial Services are focussed on bringing these options to you in an easy understandable way and implementing these alternatives to ensure your business is benefiting from it, not just for today – but for the future.
Planning ahead, and keeping you informed of all options, decisions and risk factors makes it a winning solution for every business or individual.

Our Team

The combination of our staff creates a team that is made up of individuals that specialise in certain fields, be it investments, life insurance or risk management.

Team work is essential to our success, and for more than thirty years and decades of experience, this has been our mission and is why we give you expert advice and assistance across the board.