Personal Short Term Insurance


This covers all your personal insurance needs in and around your house. Ensuring you are protected from loss of or damage to your household goods and personal possessions at all times.


This is optional cover that includes cover for specific items that is over and above the normal household contents such as clothing, personal effects, jewellery, cellular phones, cameras, video cameras and accessories, plus more. If it’s important, treasured or even of sentimental value, All Risks will cover it.

Vehicle Cover is offered in three different packages as follows:

  • Comprehensive cover: this covers accident damage, theft, hijacking, accidental death and/or injuries to others and damage to property.
  • Third party, fire and theft cover: this covers theft, hijacking, accidental death and/or injuries to others, plus damage to third party property.
  • Third party only cover: this covers accidental damage to third party property and death or injury via privately owned motor vehicles.

Legal Access: This provides you, your spouse and your children with legal cover should you ever need it. This includes civil legal action, family matters, labour disputes and defence against criminal charges.

Personal liability: This is worldwide cover that includes you personally, your domestic employee and any tenants you may have.