Business Life Insurance


Every business has one or more individuals that are the key to that business’s existence and the reason for its overall success. The unforeseen death of a key person can result in the business being put under severe financial pressure and financial loss.

Key person insurance therefore guarantees that money will be available to absorb this shock, protect existing credit facilities and provide the necessary funds for the recruitment and training of a new person or leader.

Business insurance alleviates many of the problems that arise on the death or disability of a partner, shareholder, close corporation member, sole proprietor or key person. It provides all that personal insurance does and more – ensuring business continuity and in some cases, may even strengthen the business structure.

Contingent liability insurance refers to a policy taken out by a business on the life of an employee or director who stands surety for the debts of the business. The amount of cover taken out should be equal to the loan amount.

Buy and sell arrangements, supported by a buy and sell agreement and life insurance, will ensure that on the death of a business owner or partner, the business can continue to operate effectively.
This helps the other business partners or owners to re-arrange the management structure. An Agreement like this will also ensure that the estate of the deceased business owner receives fair value for his business interest, as well as settlement of his credit loan account.



Employee benefits solutions are our priority as a business owner ourselves, with a large amount of employees. Therefore we have firsthand knowledge of their needs and preferences.

Finmar structures your business employee’s benefits according to the individual needs of the business, making adjustments to accommodate everyone. This contributes to a company’s ability to attract and retain skilled and knowledgeable employees in a tax-efficient and socially responsible way. The best way to keep all your employee’s loyalty and commitment is to show your commitment to them.