Business Financial Planning


Finmar has built up a wealth of experience in business over the last 25 years, being involved in a number of successful business enterprises. With partnerships formed with tax and trust professionals, we are in a unique position to help our clients with the optimal structuring of their businesses to ensure the lowest business risk as well as optimal tax structuring. This is a complimentary service to our clients and fulfils our philosophy of being a one-stop financial hub.



We also offer you comprehensive estate planning and fiduciary services that allow you to manage the assets in your estate efficiently and to make sure that they are distributed according to your wishes when you pass away. This is an essential part of your personal financial planning that is often overlooked.

We are always concerned about tomorrow – and that is why there are certain things that has to be considered now, for instance: who will be in charge of your estate as executor, to carry out its distribution as well as the responsibilities and powers your executor will have, who will inherit what property and how your property will ultimately be transferred to your beneficiaries?

By making sure that your last will and testament is in place, valid and up to date you can protect your family’s financial future and inheritance, protect your family against debt liabilities from your business and save on estate duty.
We can help you to draft your last will and testament, making sure that it meets all legal requirements and giving you the freedom to know that everything is in good hands.

Finmar ensures that you will get the best service by affiliation to the African Mutual Trust Company (Pty) Ltd (AM Trust). This is a trust company that provides services where the trust administrator acts as family adviser and confidant. This ensures clients receive the most professional service of the highest quality and provides simultaneously the necessary security.